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Moving is never fun. From the packing to the heavy lifting, it’s a big project that’s tough to handle on your own. When you need to enlist the help of local movers in Chicago, Illinois and surrounding areas, you’ll want to find an experienced and well-equipped mover to handle your move. When searching for moving companies near you, look no further than Ondemand Movers USA. Get a quick free quote by calling or through our "Free Quote" Form. Contact us today to learn more about our moving services.

Residential Moving Chicago


Welcome to your new Home! Move out of your old house with our full service, bedroom by bedroom, local and long distance movers.

Furniture Moving Chicago


Furniture, Appliances, and heavy items. We carefully wrap, blanket, protect and relocate your furniture to your home, apartment, or storage.

Residential Moving Chicago


Moving to a new house? Whether Home, Apartment, or Condo, our local movers will help you pack, move your bedrooms safely and quickly.

Commercial Moving Chicago


Your business can't afford downtime. Our commercial movers are on-time, fast, professional, and will disassemble / assemble office furniture.

Labor Moving Chicago


Loading & Unloading Labor Movers. Flat rate, strong backs, no hassle, on-time, affordable and local, non Franchise moving company. Call Us.

Furniture Movers Chicago


Oversized, or Heavy Single Items. Ondemand Movers USA has a team of trusted, strong, local movers.


One of the most important things to consider when searching for moving companies in Chicago, IL is experience. If you hire local movers that are inexperienced and unequipped to handle your move, it’ll just put even more work on you.

When you rely on the local movers at Ondemand Movers USA, you can count on us for:

  • Customer-focused service

  • Fast and efficient moving services

  • Competitive pricing

We rely on years of experience, strength and integrity. Choose one of the top moving companies in Chicago, IL to handle your move. Call now to get a free estimate on our affordable moving services.




Ondemand Movers USA is made up of a small but strong, tight-knit crew committed to fostering relationships and building trust with our clients. Our local movers can handle moves of all sizes and work within a 150-mile radius of Chicago, IL.

We’ll do all the heavy lifting for your residential or commercial move. We can also provide labor-only services, if needed. Our #1 goal is to simplify your move by taking some of the weight off your shoulders.

You won’t break a sweat when you rely on Ondemand Movers USA during your move. Contact us today to schedule moving services in Chicago, IL.



Chicago, Illinois Movers

If you or your business are looking to have a stress-free and efficient move to or from the Chicago, IL area, On demand Movers USA is the moving team you need. Whether you’re moving from an apartment, a condo, a home, an industrial park, or a commercial plaza, we’re ready to lend a hand with packing and hauling your goods.

We specialize in multiple services, including helping clients move residences both locally and long-distance; helping commercial businesses move without interrupting their operations; being the muscle behind your rearrangement and redecoration with our internal moving service; offering professional and efficient assistance needed with government moving; packing up your items carefully with our packing services; and keeping your items secure with our storage options.

Our greatest asset is in our dedication to meeting the needs of our customers. We know that the details and logistics of moving can bring a lot of stress, and we are devoted to minimizing that for our clients. We strive for the utmost in quality in all aspects of our service—not just the actual pickup, hauling, and delivery. Because all of our employees are highly trained and chosen for their performance, we are able to provide the most efficient, professional, and courteous service in the Chicago, IL area.

Moving Apartment / Condos Chicago, IL

Relocating from or to an apartment or condo can require a little more care than moving in or out of a home. With a safety deposit at stake, extra care is needed to ensure your move doesn’t damage walls, doors, or floors. Navigating stairs and narrow hallways can be a headache, too, as you wonder how you got your bed frame into your apartment in the first place. Last of all, you’ll have a strict schedule to adhere to if you want to avoid all hassle with your building management!

We’re dedicated to helping our clients move without any loss or damage to either their items or their living spaces. That’s why we offer our comprehensive packing services. We respect your items and your money and do what’s necessary to prepare your furniture, kitchen supplies, and other items for a safe move–whether that means boxing, wrapping, or securing items.

Many apartments and condos lay at the end of a hallway or up a set of stairs. If you’re worried about getting your couch up and down the stairs, we’re ready to help. We’ll move all your bulky, heavy furniture for you, from bed frames to recliners. Moving is a challenge enough; let us do the heavy lifting for you–and then deliver them to your new home.

Time is of the essence when you’ve told your management company that you intend to leave. We’re dedicated to promptness and punctuality in all steps of the moving process, so we can help you get out of your old unit and into your new one swiftly and avoid any extra fees.

Local Movers Nearby Chicago, IL

Ondemand Movers USA is dedicated to serving the communities around Chicago, IL. We love the men, women, and children who call our area home, so we do our best every day to make it simple for our neighbors to relocate to their dream dwellings. Don’t let the logistics of making your move in the area worry you. You don’t have to tackle it alone. We’re here to help, no matter your circumstances.

There are many fine colleges and universities to attend in our area. If you’re a college student looking to move apartments in the city or your dorm on campus, we can help get you to your new with minimal hassle. (You can even look to us for assistance with packing services if you’re tired of wrapping up your mugs and knick-knacks.)

Or perhaps college is a not-so-distant memory for you, and your new job as an executive has offered you the opportunity to finally buy your dream home. You can count on us to provide quick and courteous service while treating your possessions with care. You’ll be pleased to find that moving doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Or maybe things have been going very well with your partner, and you’re finally ready to take the plunge into cohabitation. Their house is large and spacious, and they’re already cleared half of the closet for you and your clothing. You’re terrified, though, that your combined efforts won’t be enough to get your dresser up the stairs and into the bedroom…

Or maybe you’ve found a charming house in the suburbs where you can finally start your family. It’d take quite a few trips in your SUV and your husband’s sedan, though, to deliver even a fraction of your things from your old apartment to your new home…

For these, and any other scenario, we’re ready to help. You can count on our reputation for quality service and efficiency in local moving (and packing). If you need to store any items before, during, or after your move, we also offer storage solutions that can keep even the most precious of items–paintings, antiques, vintage clothing–out of harm’s way. (Including environmental challenges such as humidity.)

Chicago, IL Long Distance Movers

Sometimes, life takes you to new and exciting places. Maybe you’ve received a job offer out west, or need to keep an eye on your mother living in Florida, or have just been dying to build yourself a log cabin in the Maine woods. (We love it here, but we’re not judging.) Chances are, your possessions won’t all fit into your SUV, and we’re sure that you’re not hoping to make a cross-country drive twice to gather up all your family members and things.

We do more than just local moves. Ondemand Movers USA can help you make longer treks, too. With the same level of quality and professionalism which we pride ourselves on in local moves, we can help you establish yourself in your new home with our long-distance moving services.

Does having another person drive your things out for you sound exhilarating (you don’t have to worry about it!) but nerve-wracking (what if my items are being carted to the nearest auction?)? We understand your fears, but with us, there’s no need to fret. A big concern for many people undergoing a long-distance move is the fear that their items, moving tens or hundreds of miles, may not complete the trip safely. Roads can be bumpy, traffic, maddening; and moving teams… Questionable. Ondemand Movers USA employees are well-vetted and proven to be safe and competent packers and movers, able to brave the worst of traffic jams to deliver your items in a timely manner.

Our fleet of moving vehicles are GPS-tracked and well-maintained to ensure that there are no unforeseen circumstances or hold-ups on the road. Instead, you can track where your possessions are and get quick updates on their estimated time of arrival.

Just like with our local moves, our team of well-trained, professional movers (who must undergo 200 hours of training before so much as lifting a box for customers) make easy your path, safely packing your things in premium materials and transporting and delivering them to your new home on-time and undamaged. Many other companies promise similar feats; our track record of satisfied clients shows that we mean it. Just as with our other services, our long-distance moving comes with our “White Glove” service, emphasizing open communication to let you stay abreast of any and all updates; professional and courteous service from our highly-trained staff; effective and secure packing to best secure your items; on-time delivery that you can count on; and complete openness in pricing.

What’s more, if you’re not ready to transport everything from the Chicago, IL area just yet, you can make use of our storage services and effortlessly have items packaged and transported to our climate-controlled, secure facility to await your return. Commercial Movers Chicago, IL

Relocating a business, whether near or far, can bring chaos and stress. As a business owner or operator, you need to keep your enterprise running smoothly, no matter if your office is relocating. Working with a team of professional, organized movers like those with Ondemand Movers USA can allow you to spend less time focused on the nitty-gritty details of moving and more time simply running your business–and ensuring the quality of your service remains high, so that when you move, your clients are ready to follow with you.

We are dedicated to making the moving process simple (and even pleasant!) for our commercial clients by providing our signature “White Glove” services–that is, doing everything we can to make the moving process easy and stress-free by rolling out the red carpet and providing the service an A-list celebrity would expect.

Our white glove service capitalizes on open communication that keeps you informed on how your move is progressing and allows for you to freely contact us with any questions or concerns; professional and courteous service from our highly-trained and vetted staff (never outside contractors); efficient and safe packing that ensures items remain undamaged; on-time delivery that you can count on; and total honesty in pricing that lets you easily compare us to our competitors. (We think we know who will come out the clear winner for both value and quality.)

Ondemand Movers USA respects and values your hard work in our community. If you’re a commercial enterprise that is making a move, let us help you continue to thrive and to serve our neighbors.

Internal Movers Service

Although so many of our services revolve around helping you move from one place to another, we know that life calls for many types of change—and occasionally smaller actions are called for. Sometimes, the move you have planned is just of the furniture inside your living room.

You could spend all day clearing the shelves of your bookcases, dragging your sofa across the wood floors, lifting the side tables and walking them to their new locations–and end up exhausted, sore, and still needing to tweak and turn your chairs and lamps to fit just right.

You could, in other words, spend all day on what feels as if it should have been a simple task–and then need a couple of aspirin, an ice pack, and a chiropractic visit to recuperate fully.

Or you could call in Ondemand Movers USA expert team of movers and get the job done quickly, effortlessly, and with absolutely no discomfort.

If you need a hand with rearranging your couches and bookshelves, switching your children’s bedrooms, or any other internal moves, Ondemand Movers USA has you covered. No job is too small–so don’t strain your back dragging your loveseat or sprain your ankle tripping over the coffee table. We’d be happy to help you move all your items, bulky or small, at a fair price.

Plus, if you find that your old settee no longer shines in its new spot (but you just can’t let it go), you can rely on our storage services to keep it safe and sound until the next round of redecoration opens up a new place for it to, once again, light up the room.


Let’s say you and your family are truck-driving bodybuilders with no need for any sort of help with the physical task of moving. The hauling is only one part of your move. What about preparing your items for your move? To prevent broken furniture, shattered glass, lost decor, and other woes, you’ll want maximum protection. That quality takes both time and resources—let us provide both. Don’t risk losing your heirloom china, breaking your brand-new dish set, or scratching your dining room table. We meticulously prepare and pack your items, so you can be confident they’ll emerge unscathed from your move.

If you’re wanting to carefully prepare items for storage, Ondemand Movers USA can also help. Not only do we offer climate-controlled, secure storage for even the most delicate of items, we also can help you pack those items for their stay in storage and transport them to our facility. By relying on us, you can know that your furniture, books, sculptures, artwork, documents, and more will be safe from pests and the elements and ready for use again when you are. Don’t brave sketchy storage facilities with dirty floors, spiders, and who-knows-what-else crawling inside their units. Trust Ondemand Movers USA and our clean, secure, private warehouse to hold on to your valuables.

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Home Residential Movers Chicago, IL

Once you’ve decided to move out of your home, you face a daunting task: getting everything safely packed up and transported to your new home. Aside from the inevitable sorting-through what can stay and what should go and considering how your living room furniture will look like in its new surroundings, you must also pack up and then move all the things that you’ll need to its new space. We can’t say whether you should keep that second slow cooker, but we can help with the heavy work of packing and moving.

Ondemand Movers USA is your top choice for expertise when making a move. Anyone handling your items should be well-trained–and our team receives at least 200 hours of training before embarking on their first job! That training allows you to relax in the knowledge that your cargo will be handled safely and respectfully. Additionally, our large fleet of moving vans are always ready to go with packing materials, giving the utmost of protection to your furniture and other possessions during transit. (No matter if that means a ride of ten minutes or ten hours!) Last of all, we bring the specialty equipment needed to prevent scratches, dents, and dings on your new floors and walls.

In short, our use of quality packing and transport materials, combined with the care and expertise we put into our service, mean that you can rest assured all your home goods will be ready for transport and arrive at your new home safely… and that you can take a breather and stop worrying about just how you’ll pull off your move!

If you’re located in or near Chicago, IL, and looking to relocate, give us a call. You won’t regret it when you calmly look around your new home, fully moved in, with minimal effort on your part!

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